Letter from the Editors

Art creates new beings. I know this is unceremonious, but the artist of the modern movement is a savage. The artist’s objective is reality.

We may hope before long to find a new world in which these simple and great people are found everywhere. I am amazed to find that you are like me and that you also see what is happening!

Inherent beauty belongs to the seer, the interpreter. Not in the object or the content. We believe in no perfectibility except our own.

The dreamers, with their gladiatorial instincts, are armed with mysticism on one hand, and the springs of creation on the other. Don’t you find some conversations very difficult to sleep on, too? We fight first on one side, and then on the other side, but always for the same cause. It’s happening all the time.

The Art-Instinct is permanently primitive.

Brave comrades! Staying power!

Editor in-chief

Jose C. Garcia

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Hoonju Ko

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Jose C. Garcia

Sergio C. Vilatimó

Hoonju Ko

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Julia / julia.uk.com

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Catherine Wang

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Andrea Nuñez Gamboa

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And to everyone who made this possible.

There is no us without you!

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