TUNICA was founded in June 2012, inspired by a desire to assemble a new concept that curates talent across a variety of media and practices, as well as to provide a fresh and contemporary alternative in the art community.

TUNICA contributors represent a wide range of international and cutting-edge artistic disciplines. It is always curated collaboratively and covers illustration, photography, features articles, fiction and interviews, but is not just limited to the art.

TUNICA is based in New York, with satellites in Barcelona, Paris and Mexico.

TUNICA is masterminded by different art directors, guest editors, and an influential team of creative minds who advocate a different approach to creating, which constantly renews TUNICA’s form and content. The result is more than a gallery, studio, or magazine, it is an evolving series of exclusive and collectible projects, with a vision of art that challenges commercial standards.


TUNICA studio specializes its practice in a wide range of fields. We leverage our contributors and engage the public through exhibitions and dynamic events held internationally. We provide a full suite of creative services including brand consultancy, art direction, and creative production spanning the realms of art, fashion, and culture.

TUNICA Studio synthesizes the international expertise of its various members to create truly remarkable content, whichever the medium.

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TUNICA has the strength to gather and build a strong network of freelance artists. We have the knowledge and experience that makes our dialogue between creatives and commissioners completely coherent.

This is why TUNICA exists, to be the desired link.

TUNICA’S roster represents the new generation of creatives. We chose to work with them not only for their talent, but also for their universe, and their ability to simultaneously work on a multitude of projects at once.

TUNICA’S former professional experiences have taught us to immediately understand communication puzzles, to bring the fast and right answers, to provide the right creative direction, and ultimately to offer solutions.


TUNICASTUDIO.COM was launched as the digital arm of the TUNICA brand. Like our print magazine, it champions the same traits and values that define the TUNICA community and publishes content related to art, design, fashion, music, and culture. Optimized for mobile platforms, the website also boasts our e-commerce experience and includes exclusive content covering events, exhibitions, behind-the-scenes insights, and new collaborations. Written and edited by a dedicated team of international contributors, TUNICASTUDIO.COM highlights content too urgent to wait for print. The website occupies a dynamic digital space that is able to adapt to TUNICA’s diverse projects, optimize media placements, and prioritize click-through-rates and calls-to-action.

TUNICA attracts a demanding audience that has a voracious appetite for challenging and innovative material outside the domain of traditional art and fashion titles. They crave and seek out content with creative integrity. They revel in impulsive expression, indulge in general mischief, embrace the unorthodox, and have a taste for the raw. They are makers and iconoclasts in contemporary art, media, and fashion. They are affluent working professionals with strong purchasing power. But above all, they are tastemakers that emanate cultural influence. From architects, hoteliers, and artists, to collectors, journalists, and entrepreneurs. Our readership reflects our belief that there is no limit to the consumer profile of creating, influencing, and responding to global trends.


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TUNICA studio offers the following creative services: Art direction, Consulting, Graphic Design, Photography, Video, Branding, Editorial, Web, Curatorial projects, Publishing and Production. TUNICA Studio synthesizes the international expertise of its various members to create truly remarkable content, whichever the medium.


  • McNally Jackson
    Opening Ceremony
    St.Marks Bookstore
    Spoonbill & Sugartown
    Strand Books
    Art Book / MOMA PS1
    Lafayette smoke shop
    Casa magazines
    Cooper Hewitt

  • Draw Down

  • Sojourn

  • Needles & Pens
    Alley Cat
    Press: works on paper
    Little Paper Planes
    Dijital Fix

  • MOCA
    &Pens Press
    Hennessey + Ingalls
    Cabin 207
    Kanimambo Books

  • Nationale
    Floating world comics
    Table of Contents

  • Ibiki
    Drawn & Quarterly
    Madeleine Pare

  • Art Metropole
    Working title shop
    Soop Soop

  • Casa Bosques

  • MAMM
    Grabiel Garcia Marquez

  • Metales Pesados

  • PURR

  • Freebook
    Kaput Livros

  • Laie
    I love paper
    La Central
    Loring Art
    Folch Studio

  • Reina Sofia

  • Pompidou
    Waiting for the sun
    Yvon Lambert
    Ofr System

  • TATE
    Salts Mill
    Wardour News
    Artwords (Rivington Street)
    Artwords (Broadway Market)
    Charlotte Street News
    Shreeji News
    Capitol news
    Good News

  • Do you read me
    Pro Qm

  • Gudberg Nerger GmbH

  • MZIN bookstore

  • OMMU

  • Paper Cut

  • LOREM (not Ipsum)

  • Print Matters

  • Kunsthalle

  • Riot Gent

  • Athenaeum

  • Bruno

  • Cura Books


  • Charlottenborg

  • Book Art Center

    IMA Brisbane

  • Daikanyama T-Site

  • Unlike

  • Post-Poetic
    From the books
    Your mind

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