Max Hooper Schneider


Besides being an accomplished artist, Max Hooper Schneider holds degrees in biology and urban design from NYU, and landscape architecture from Harvard. This of course heavily influences his work, made apparent with aquariums, vitrines, even larger-than-life sculptures that all play host to mutations of flora and fauna—typically illuminated by sickly neon lights that render habitats uninhabitable, post-apocalyptic, and strangely fascinating.

Hooper Schneider's pieces often envision a hypothetical world well after humans are extinct, where the only wars are that between verdure, fighting for sunlight and forest floor real estate.

Patrons will find it difficult to deny the post-human world the artist has built inside neat little containers, which are for now, contained. In improbable receptacles. All are complicated, beyond the understanding of human consciousness and cultural production, in a perpetual decomposition and recomposition. This new world order, the artist seems to suggest, is hurtling faster towards reads reality than we are perhaps prepared for.