"Bring Me Flowers While I'm Not Dead"


This past year my mother was diagnosed with cancer, she was really ill, luckily now she is fresh as a daisy. At the time when she was really ill I sent her a painting of a broken vase with flowers and a note asking her to take good care. The next June I got back to my house in Asturias, I was ready to start painting for my upcoming show but not having decided yet what direction my new paintings would take. When I saw that the painting I sent her framed and placed on her dressing table all of a sudden everything seemed clear.

This last year was a tough one, but when everything becomes really dark, there is always a light that starts blinking somewhere and things become somehow more clear.

I wanted my show to reflect a positive approach to death, full of color and vitality. That's how I started again with the flowers, a kind of stale and difficult painting subject to flip over, but anyway that's is where I am right now.

I am working with the idea that flowers are always given away when somebody is sick or dead and that these flowers are always there to wither.

I started going around cemeteries to look at the flowers that people had brought for their relatives when I started noticing the "cemetery Fauna". I never had a thought on that before: ants, worms, butterflies, flies, etc…

I also liked the idea that the grand majority of artist that I like have done flower vases paintings; "Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Henri Rousseau, David Hockney…"

At the same time I believe that purchasing or giving one of these flowers paintings as a present is like acquiring a flower that never is going to wither, keeping forever the intensity of the first day.

The subject of death is something that is present in all of my paintings, but never in a obscure way. I really believe that with these paintings I am showing who I am and what is what I want to do.

The one that you have has three flowers, the flower should be the end of the journey for those ants: one of the flowers is to short and the other has a spider, so probably they don't know it but they are doing the right thing.