Jonny Negron



I just turned 28 this week. I share my birthday with David Byrne, George Lucas, and Frank Santoro. I've been in the process of relocating from Brooklyn to Austin, Texas where I've lived previously. My intent is to dedicate the remainder of the year to working on a graphic novel. It will be my first graphic novel, which is slightly intimidating, but i'm excited more than anything. What inspires me the most is literally everything. From the art I expose myself to, to the people whom I interact with, to the places I live. Even things I find unpleasant inspire me to continue to push myself as an artist and storyteller.
I'm honestly not very much into sketchbooking these days, which may sound strange. I used to collect sketchbooks and fill them up quickly much more a couple years ago, I'm not sure what happened... presently, I normally will either commit to complete a sketch by inking it or coloring it if I like how it's going, or just abandon the sketch almost immediately if I don't.


Currently I think of making music as a hobby. I don't think it's too much work. I get a lot of enjoyment from alternating between music and visual art. I think of the way i make music as a form of meditation. I often think of the music of musicians like Terry Riley and Steve Reich as a template for some of the music I want to record. But I love all kinds of music. I normally will play my keyboard or record once a day. It all started from hanging out with many musicians. I've usually had roommates who played music and I first started to experiment by jamming with whoever was interested, and slowly I learned.

I've made several comics in the last few years. No long form stories yet. You can find comics i've made on VICE's website, and Study Group Comics. I recently just had a comic printed in the latest š! anthology, and had a comic printed titled ADAPT by Floating World Comics as well.

I can't say I prefer color over texture, to me they are separate things...

Quite possibly, the imagination is my greatest tool. I was listening to the song "Pure Imagination" from the film Willy Wonka and The Chocalate Factory.