Kostis Fokas
"My Fictitious Photography"


I live in London but I hope to retire in Crete. In the summer of 2012, my project “I’ m not malfunctioning, you are” began instinctively. Six months later I realized why I started it. It began without too much thinking, but through the process and results I recognized aspects of myself and my thoughts. I don’t have a way with words, so I want the images to speak for themselves. Ugly truth, ironic, funny, fetishist, religious, sides of myself. Things and thoughts that make me feel weird in other people’s eyes.


I believe in God, I talk to him when I’ m sad... On the other hand, I like dirty sex, but I like more to be the good guy, even more when nobody knows how dirty I can be... I like the idea that nobody knows a lot of things about me until they see my work. I take a picture trying to find a way to create a relationship with the subject, even if it is a pussy... I photographed my friend’s genitals and, while I lived with that woman for a year, I had never come so close! Using things or subjects that are in my everyday life is the easiest way for me to create something, that’s why I use my friends as my models. Closing this project I understand why I feel like I’ m malfunctioning so many times and I’ m ok with that, but there are a lot of other sides in me that I feel proud of and happy. So, maybe the next project will be about beautiful flowers, happy couples or blue skies...