Jose C. Garcia


José C. García deeply study images with a gaze aware of constant mutation. With an attentive and analytical eye, he demonstrates from outside the regular field of vision. As one of the editors of Tunica magazine and art director for various international projects, his photography treads into his experiences as a graphic artist, stirring structures and lines, invoking a visual product... Colors, concepts and risks come together in finding a new and exotic challenge.
In this series, the camera is used with intimate distance and raw curiosity, like an invader in search of an essence. The unknown, at first sight, is blocked by too much information, and García is keen to scan the brink where the unusual is tied to the everyday. This is the space he inhabits. His photographs constantly explore to unearth memories and energies of lost worlds. Something happens, and one notices, because the tip of the lens is the beginning of the story.